Arabization Services offers a localization testing service to test your localized product before it is shipped. Testing is a major and essential step in any localization project to avoid future problems and bugs and to ensure that the localized version of your website, mobile app, or software is culturally and functionally acceptable in the target market.

Our localization testing services include:

  • Testing the usability and functionality of the user interface of your localized version, ensuring its compatibility with the targeted environment standards. This step includes checking all the displays, menus, text, style, graphics, time zone, currency, and other related relevant parameters.
  • Using testing and quality tools to discover bugs and defects, so that flaws, if any, can be tracked and reported to the development team.
  • Checking whether the localized Website is easily adaptable to your target culture.
  • Linguistic Testing to make sure that the language used for the localized version is error-free and culturally acceptable.
  • Translation testing to test the quality of the translation, since a poor and irrelevant translation of the content may create misleading interpretations of the meaning.

To accomplish an accurate testing process, our testing team consists of native speakers who are professional testers and Linguistic experts from different industrial backgrounds. Our Testing team includes:

Project Manager

Expert Linguist


Subject Matter Expert

User Experience specialist

Arabization Services testing teams follow a precise testing process to make sure that your localized product is understandable, culturally acceptable, bug-free, and appropriate for your target market. Contact us or request a free quote to know how we can help you in your localized project.

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