Everything around us is operated by software and it is impacting the world’s everyday life. As of October 2014, there were nearly 2 billion personal computers used worldwide. In 2016, the number of smartphone users has been said to be more than 2 billion. The number of mobile phone users in the world is expected to pass the five billion mark by 2019.* Each of these devices is organized by an operating system, a very complex piece of software with many interrelated functions. However, that is a very small part of the software world. Software is used by businesses to communicate worldwide. Software also helps make life convenient. It has made it easier to connect with the whole world and is integrated into electronics and appliances. Software is used in medical machines, home appliances, cars, security nuclear plants, and practically in anything that runs on electricity.

Software is usually meant to spread all around the world , improving people’s lives. However, the only constraint is language. Arabization Services genuinely understand the importance of technology and software.

By localizing your software, you can embrace the opportunity to reach millions of people around the world, We work hard to ensure that your software is ready for the global audience. Arabization services works on translating your content and user interface while maintaining the usability and functionality.

Software localization is considered as a big challenge, not just linguistically but also technically. As text typically expands when translated from these, changes can cause technical problems for software that have a limited overall string length or on-screen space.

Arabization Services team has successfully worked on several software localization projects. We offer technical solutions to ensure that your software specifications are met. To guarantee the highest level of service, Arabization Services follows a unique approach in software localization depending on the type of software (desktop app, web application, or mobile app). Our approach has been successfully tested with well-known big clients.

Arabization Services Software Localization team includes:

Project Manager




Expert Linguist

Localization Engineer

If you are interested in making your web application, mobile app or on-premises software product linguistically and culturally suitable, kindly contact us or request a free quote.

Software companies that we are part of their success.