A growth in the population and the advancement of technology in the world represents a great opportunity for businesses, media production companies, brands, movie studios, technical firms, educational institutions, TV and radio stations to reach out to the audience through multimedia content. This growth of opportunities increases the need for professional Multimedia localization and translation services.

Arabization Services offers a professional Multimedia translation and localization service for your media content including:

  • Short videos
  • Commercial movies
  • Documentary
  • Education and e-learning video
  • Technical videos
  • TV programs
  • Radio programs
  • Viral Videos.
  • Explainer videos
  • Marketing materials
  • Online presentations
  • And more.

Our dedicated multimedia team includes professional linguists, native speakers who are equally fluent in the source language, a mixture of voice talents with any accent, technical specialists, multimedia experts, and senior reviewers

Arabization Services Multimedia translation team includes:

Project Manager

Expert Linguist

Technical specialist

Linguistic Editor

LSO Specialist

Arabization Services provides a range of translation services for multimedia projects such as:

Subtitling service

Subtitling is an important part of the production process of any media content. Subtitling is a special form of translation and localization. Good subtitling is a perfect blend of science, knowledge, technical skills, talent, and art. Subtitling requires fluency in both, source and target languages, with a full understanding of both languages’ cultural idioms. This fluency is a must to deliver an accurate subtitling output. To know more about our subtitling process, click here.

Voice-over service

Voice talents are our service’s backbone. We offer a collection of native and talented voices. Our collection includes voice talents for all accents. We offer a diversity of voices such as the native male, female, and child voices. Arabization Services only works with professionals who have extensive training and experience. To know more about our voice-over service Click Here


Whatever may be the type of your multimedia content, Arabization Services is your gate to audience. Contact us to know more or to request a free quote.

Projects that we are part of their success .