Machine translation post-editing is one of the most in-demand language solutions today. MTPE combines the lightning speed of computer translation with the in-depth knowledge of the professional translator.

MTPE services include trained editing experts amending machine-generated translation in order to improve the final product by correcting grammatical and syntax errors and other focused editing points as required.

There are two basic categories for MTPE:

Light post-editing is a form of MTPE that requires minimal intervention by the post-editor and is a basic overview of the translated text to check for major issues and unreadable lines. The expectation for this sort of translation usually is that the client will be utilizing the translated text for inbound purposes only, when the translation is needed urgently, or when the deadline and text are short.


Full post-editing is also a type of MTPE and it involves a greater level of intervention and works after the machine translation to ensure the right level of quality is achieved. The expectation with this translation service is that the outcome will be a text that is of high quality and will be used for assimilation and even for dissemination, for inbound and for outbound purposes.

We offer MTPE for a full range of content areas, including:

  • eCommerce
  • Web Content
  • Software
  • eLearning Materials
  • Technical Content
  • Legal Documents
  • Life Sciences and Medical Content
  • Manufacturing Materials
  • Financial Documents
  • Transcripts and Corporate Documentation

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