Technological advances in the IT industry continue to change the way the world communicates and works like never before. The IT industry is experiencing a rapid growth of the big as well as the new players, spreading all over the world in the field of IT and technology. This rapid growth increases the competition and the urgent need to find new international profitable markets. .

But expansion doesn’t come without challenges. One of the prime challenges is the language and cultural barrier. As a hardware company, you need to make sure that the users can understand your products’ manual, brochure, ads, features, maintenance and operational information. The solution is not just a translator. You need a professional translation agency to customize and adapt your content to be acceptable for the users

Arabization Services offers translation and localization services specified for hardware companies. Our dedicated translators are expert linguists with several years of experience in hardware translation and localization. Our team is always updated about hardware devices terminologies and hardware writing styles. Arabization Services Hardware Localization team includes:

Project Manager




Expert Linguist

Localization Engineer

Our Hardware localization service covers all parts of your business:

  • Hard drives
  • Hardware testing and validation
  • Computer parts (monitors, peripherals keyboards, and mice)
  • Audio devices (loudspeakers, microphones, and headphones)
  • Translation of GUIs
  • Cameras, lenses, and camcorders
  • Printers, plotters, and faxes
  • TV and radio sets
  • CD players and HDD players
  • Communications devices (phones, cell phones, and other)
  • Alarm devices
  • Home appliances (refrigerators, microwaves, washing machines, and other)
  • Electronic appliances
  • Websites
  • Marketing materials
  • Brochure
  • Banners
  • All type of Manuals and Guides (User Manual, Set-Up Manual Technical Guidelines)

Arabization Services follows a precise process to guarantee a high-quality and timely delivery of your hardware content. For years, we have teamed up with hardware companies to succeed in the global  market. To know more about our hardware localization services, contact us or request a free quote.

Hardware companies that we are part of their success.