Education and e-learning localization is the most salient service we provide at Arabization Services, as we believe that there is no service higher than spreading global , At Arabization Services, our primary goal is to make educational training simpler and more efficient for native speakers. Arabization Services provides all forms of educational translation programs, from school curriculums to corporate training and e-learning programs.

Education and e-learning translation is now a flourishing field in the world. Many schools have adopted different international curriculums as a way of globalizing their schooling system. Also, the increasing number of multinational corporates increases the demand for a multilingual training strategy for employees which is essential in improving their professional training. Moreover, the boom of the Internet and the increasing number of internet users intensifies the need to translate the e-learning materials

Education translation and localization

Educational translation and localization is a rewarding but critical and sensitive field, as it requires only highly-qualified translators with the essential skills, knowledge, experience, and precision. Keeping this requirement in mind, we break down our educational translation process into easy steps to ensure the highest translation quality and precision.

Subjects we cover

At Arabization Services, we have an extensive experience in handling a wide range of educational subjects from the three major educational levels – K12, Higher education, and Professional education.

Arabization Services has conducted education and translation projects for several large educational institutions We also encourage partnership with corporates in translating their training materials.  

Arabization Services education translation team includes: 

Project Manager

Culture Assessor




DTP Specialist


If you are an organizer of educational programs, training programs, or e-learning platforms that require not only simple translation and localization, but should also complement the cultural background of native speakers, we extend our partnership to help you achieve your goals. Kindly contact us or request a free quote.

Educational projects we are part of their success.