Documents are the lifeblood of any organization and the key to the flow of information in your business. Documents carry data which is the DNA of organizations and drives decisions and communications. Documents carry years of research in the medical field and critical information in the legal field. In each field, documents are accurately created and safely stored and organized. The real problem arises when an organization requires translation of its documents into an unfamiliar language like Arabic. There comes the risk of alteration of the accuracy and meaning of the text, along with putting the document’s confidentiality at stake.

We, at Arabization Services, understand the utmost importance of your documents. Thus, we provide the best solution for translating your documents into Arabic.
Our translators are subject experts, meaning that our document translation service covers a broad range of categories such as:

  • Legal documents
  • Patents
  • Certificates
  • Insurance documents
  • Financial documents
  • Income statements
  • Business documents
  • Marketing
  • Resumes,
  • Business plans,
  • Medical documents
  • Research documents
  • Prospectuses
  • Technical documents
  • personal documents.

Arabization Services document translation service is accurate, timely, and secure. Our team of professional translators consists of native Arabic speakers and highly skilled linguists.Arabization Services document translation team include:

Project Manager 

Expert Linguist

Technical specialist 

Linguistic Editor

DTP Specialist


Once you send us your document and we approve the project, we follow a standardized translating process with a team consisting of a project manager, a translator, a proofreader, and technical experts (as per your industry). This professional standardized process enables us to cut the total duration of the project and ensure high-quality translation with a high level of security to guarantee the project’s confidentiality.
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