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Subtitling is a special form of translation and localization. Good subtitling is possible only through a blend of science, knowledge, technical skill, talent, and art. Subtitling requires fluency in both the source and the target languages, along with a full understanding of both languages’ cultural idioms. This fluency is a must to deliver accurate subtitling output.
We follow a precise subtitling process to maintain the highest possible quality. We focus on quality and accuracy without compromising the turnaround time. Our process is designed to guarantee both, high quality and fast output.

Our process aims to overcome all English into Arabic subtitling issues. One of those issues is expansion and time constraints. The Expansion problem means that the text expands because of the differences between English and Arabic languages in grammar, syntax, terminology, sentence structure, etc. Expansion forces the viewer to read at a faster rate than the spoken rate of the on-screen video. That is why our translation phase is followed by what we consider the most critical part of the subtitling process which it the paraphrasing phase. We paraphrase the translated subtitling to maintain the meaning within the time constraints of the on-screen video. So the viewer could read at a natural pace. Then each project is reviewed by senior reviewers to ensure the highest standards. Expansion and time constraint are not the only issues in the Arabic subtitling process; there are many other issues that our subtitling team is used to deal with professionally.

Our subtitling team translators are both native Arabic speakers and fluent in English. Our skilled translators have extensive experience in using the latest subtitling equipment and software, producing the required outcome. Using these advanced technologies, we provide subtitling translation services with a customizable style according to our client’s needs.

We customize fonts, text color, size, edging, drop shadow, background, and several other factors. We deal with all input formats such as MOV, AVI, MP4, VOB, WAV, Flash Video, and PCM. Also, we deliver the subtitling with any output format, such as Timed Text (.ttml), SubRip (.srt), Scenarist (.scc), , Quicktime Timed Text (.qt.txt), MacCaption (.mcc), Transcript (.txt) and other formats.

Arabization Services subtitling team works with all types of audio-visual materials, be it for television, cinema, the internet, commercial, advertising videos, corporate films, documentaries, or video games. Arabization Services Arabic subtitling team includes: 

Project Manager 

Expert Linguist

Technical specialist 

Linguistic Editor

Arabization Services subtitling team can handle all your Arabic subtitling needs. If you have an Arabic subtitling project, search no further. We offer a comprehensive subtitling service, so, contact us now or request a free quote. 

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