ABS & Lingo Soft: A Landmark Partnership in Education Content Localization

ABS, a pioneer in specialized translation for the education and eLearning sectors, is proud to announce a groundbreaking partnership with Lingo Soft, a distinguished provider of professional translation and localization services.

This alliance marks a significant milestone, reinforcing ABS’ status as the go-to partner for comprehensive global education content localization. With the integration of Lingo Soft’s adept linguists and cutting-edge technologies into our operations, we are poised to offer an enhanced suite of services, including translation, subtitling, and multimedia localization, tailored to meet the dynamic requirements of our clients in education and corporate training across the globe.

ABS’ CEO states: 

The incorporation of Lingo Soft’s specialised expertise and linguistic prowess positions ABS at the forefront of education localization. Their team, now operating under our stringent Non-Disclosure Agreements, empowers us to significantly broaden our scope and elevate our capabilities, ensuring our clients continue to receive the exceptional quality, security, and efficiency they expect, supported by a deeper pool of subject-matter experts.” 

With this strategic move, ABS assumes direct oversight of an extensive network of professional linguists, each with a deep-rooted background in education, eLearning, and corporate training. Our clients can rest assured that their most sensitive educational content and learning assets are managed by dedicated, NDA-compliant localizers who possess an intimate understanding of the industry’s nuances. This augmented capacity and specialisation equip ABS to navigate and address the most intricate localization challenges faced by educational institutions and corporations worldwide.

Benefits of Partnership:
  • Enhanced Quality: Experience improved quality and consistency across all translated materials within one unified and organized team under one quality control department to guarantee consistent quality provision.
  • Amplified Capacity: Take advantage of a broader pool of resources to manage bulk and extensive projects effortlessly.
  • Broader Language Options: Enjoy expanded language coverage for your content management
  • High TAT: Manage your hand-off batches within a very competitive timeframe to keep up with your project schedule.
  • Efficient Processes: Benefit from streamlined workflow and accurate deliverables throughout one unified project management team using well-studied strategies and organized processes.
  • Guaranteed Confidentiality: Trust in our mutual commitment to uphold NDAs, ensuring the safety of your sensitive information, as all resources signed NDAs, and fully aware of the mutual obligations as binding for both parties and affiliated resources.
About ABS:

Arabization Services began as a collective of skilled professionals, each bringing nearly two decades of technical and linguistic expertise to the table, with extensive specialization in educational and eLearning content management. Our contributions have been instrumental in the growth and development of educational content in Arab and GCC countries, seamlessly adapting global brands and offerings to resonate with local markets.

We eagerly anticipate embarking on this journey with you, harnessing the synergies of ABS and Lingo Soft to set new benchmarks in education and eLearning localization.

Discover More: For a detailed exploration of ABS’s enhanced global education localization services, please visit our website at ABS Arabization Services or reach out to our dedicated team at [email protected].

ABS & LS Bus. Dev. Team